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A need to turn a different direction

I have not posted much of my own work here in quite some time. There is so much of others’ work that is amazing that I prefer to look at the food, the art, the makeup, the research, and the music as if really lazy or something. But I need to kick myself in the butt and get going and be brave enough to do what I need to do and say what I want to say. before time runs out. life is so painfully short, especially after I almost did not get this far in internship.

So I offer these words, from A Million Heavens, by John Brandon, who so far has said very many things about the urgency of one’s spirit, and that if one does not take the chance, one never will:

"The course of her adulthood had been charred by quitting, and maybe she need to not quit on (him), to no quit on something she’d lost but go get it back. Maybe she needed to go find the best part of her life instead of worrying about what the other thing she would lose next."

I can’t give up now. I have only just stumbled upon a miracle. I found a Dragon.

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